Restoration and renovation

  • Keeping the aesthetics of the existing building
  • Strengthening of the base of the building
  • Replacing the holding beams
  • Replacing or strengthening of the holding walls
  • Recreating the spirit of the old building

Restoration of old houses by keeping a large percentage of the existing house. The new things that are going to be added are aesthetically durable for the time period represented.

A restoration can be performed on a whole site or partial restoration.

The first step is to check on the foundation of the building. We always make sure the foundation is strong and can allow further activities on the site. If desired, the level of the ground floors may be reduced if the house allows.

If the foundation is strong, intact and without any kind of damage we begin the restoration process.

In the case of the foundation of the building has a damage, we first strengthened the foundation and then we begin the process of restoring the building.

We always recommend an external drainage of the foundations. It will further strengthen the construction of the building.

On the inside, we usually begin first by replacing the holding beams. Not always, but in many cases, there are a few of them that need to be replaced.

We can build new floors from wood, stone, tails, and concrete. It depends on your request.

Rebuilding and strengthening of the walls.Inside and outside insulations.

Painting of the inside and outside of the building.