Roofs and terraces

  • Construction of terraces
  • Construction of porches
  • Construction of verandas
  • Roof contructions
  • Roof repairs


Terraces/porches and verandas – first pouring leveling steps of concrete and iron. Handcrafted columns are placed on the pillars. Then it’s placed a girdle and start building the second floor. The terrace can also be added if there is none built. All terraces comply with the structure of the building and the roof.


Building a new roof can be on any surface, stone, concrete, wood or iron.


The process is as follows:

  • Inspection of the building site
  • Discussion of the roof project
  • Taking measurements
  • Calculations of the wood material for the roof
  • Calculating the final offer

The materials that are going to be used:

  • Wood beams with sizes: 8cm/10cm by 30cm/30cm.
  • The wood material, at the customer’s request, may be cut or beveled.
  • The wood beams and every piece of wood used for the construction can be handcrafted, which will contribute to the uniqueness and the style of the house or the building.
  • Laying of under roof and overlapping insulation.
  • Covering the roof with insulation paper.
  • Laying the roof tiles.